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Find water testing kits, koi fish and goldfish for sale in the Six Mile, Easley & Greenville, SC area

All of your neighbors have beautiful koi ponds. You could, too, by investing in the right supplies. Fairview Water Gardens has you covered. You'll find all kinds of pond products and koi fish for sale at our store in Six Mile, South Carolina. We have koi fish in all colors and sizes, as well as goldfish. We even carry butterfly koi.

Visit our pond store in Six Mile, SC today to find the supplies you need for your koi pond. Our only store is located in Six Mile, SC but we serve Easley, Greenville and any other area within 75 miles of Six Mile.

Koi ponds need the best care to remain healthy

Koi ponds need the best care to remain healthy

Fairview Water Gardens offers all of the products you need to keep your koi pond as healthy as can be. With our products, you can easily...

  • Stock your pond with colorful koi fish and goldfish
  • Test your pond's water quality
  • Treat your fish to all-natural koi candy and gourmet food

Let us know if you need help finding specific products or koi fish or goldfish for sale. Call 864-868-9805 now to speak with a member of our team.